Intruder Alarms

A monitored intruder alarm system sends a signal to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which in turn can contact keyholders, the police or fire brigade. This response system is very flexible and can be tailored to meet the customer’s exact needs.

Intruder AlarmBritish Standards 4737, 7042 and BS 6799 Wireless Systems have been replaced by the new European Standards BSEN 50131 series. European Standards are not retrospective, therefore systems which are were already installed to British Standards will continue to be maintained and updated to the old standard.

The European Standards are still being developed and will include document PD 6662:2004. This is used to refer to parts of the current British Standards where the appropriate section of the European Standards is still under development. As new parts of the European standards are completed they will eventually replace those parts of the PD6662, and that document will be eventually phased out.

Choices of installation include both hard-wired and wireless intruder alarm systems. Recent improvements in reliability of wireless systems make them vastly superior to earlier models, and offer a clear advantage in terms of speed of installation and disruption.