Access Control

A Door Entry system removes the requirement for a permanently manned reception point. We can supply two way audio communication, or audio and one way video, between one or more electronically secured doors and dedicated handsets within the building.

Access ControlDoors can be released with the dedicated door release button on the handset unit to permit access to the secured area, once a visitor’s identity has been established.

An Access Control system allows anything from one to several hundred electronically secured doors, gates, turnstiles, barriers etc. to be automatically controlled.

Systems can be designed to accommodate anything from a few users accessing one entrance up to a thousand or more users accessing several entry points across a number of different sites.

Systems can be configured to allow different levels of access to different areas, i.e. certain token holders have access to all areas whilst other users can only access designated areas, e.g. office staff can’t access warehouse areas, warehouse staff can’t access offices, management have access to both areas.

Systems can also be linked to a designated PC, or several PCs, to provide event logs, to add, remove or temporarily bar users and to void lost or stolen tokens. Where this control is required off site, e.g. head office, the system can be configured for control over an Internet connection.